Timber Cruising

 People own forest land for many reasons.  As an owner, you should know the volume and value of the timber on your property. There are numerous benefits associated with an accurate appraisal of your forest.  Here are just a few of them. 

Accurate Information

In determining the value of a stand of timber, the quality of the timber is equally as important as the volume.  It is difficult to determine either without good timber cruise information.  The cost of a cruise and timber appraisal prepared by a forester is a fraction of what one may lose by buying or selling without this information.  

Developing Forest Management Plan

 A forest management plan based upon the goals of the landowner and the cruise information will serve as a valuable tool to the landowner and anyone who may inherit ownership and management of the property. Information should include volume by species, sort and grade.  As well as other information such as the site quality, age, stocking, and acreage by timber types.  

This information will aid in developing a forest management plan, and determining growth rates and allowable cut levels.

Estate Planning

The goal of estate planning is to save accumulated wealth, while passing it on to heirs.  The timber cruise and timber appraisal provides a critical piece of the information necessary to create an overall estate plan.   A consulting forester is uniquely qualified to assist with this important task!

Log Marketing and Harvest Planning

 Although cruise information is not essential to log marketing, it is valuable because it describes the volume of the various log sorts and grades. Because different mills desire different types of logs, this information allows the seller to market their logs to those buyers that desire a certain log the most. This is essential to maximizing the profit of a timber harvest. 

Why is this important?

 It is important to understand that a cruise is an estimate only and may differ from the actual harvest volume for several reasons. The appraisal determines the value of the timber and is based upon the cruise. The appraisal reflects the value if the timber was harvested, so an understanding of log marketing and harvesting costs is essential. Some of the harvesting costs to expect are logging, hauling, management, taxes, road construction, and others.  A professional forester who sells timber and supervises timber harvesting on a daily basis is best qualified to provide an accurate assessment of the timber value.

Typically, the timber cruise is based upon statistical sampling by installing plot locations and measuring trees at each plot. Trees are measured for diameter, height, taper, sort and grade.  This data is then extrapolated to reflect the total volume of the property.  A standard error (confidence in the volume estimate) is then calculated from the sample.  Most plot cruises are designed to provide a standard error of plus or minus five to ten percent. This means that the timber when harvested should be within plus or minus ten percent of the cruised volume. 

 A professional forester is qualified to conduct a forest inventory.  The staff at Elkhorn Forestry, Inc. have the necessary education and experience to conduct a timber cruise and appraisal on your property. On a regular basis we are conducting timber cruises, managing timber harvests, and marketing logs to local mills and exporters. These qualities are very important to ensure that you get an accurate assessment of your timber.

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